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Wisman High Voltage Power supplies Corporation

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nformation on wisman and their wide range of high voltage products is available by visiting their website: http://www.wismanhv.com,or by Send email to£ºsales@wismanhv.com

One but you have become Wisman's customer, you will enjoy to us from the product application project to the technical support omni-directional service, we welcome you to give the precious comment and the s***estion for us. Please send to yours s***estion: sales@wismanhv.com.

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Products List

custom applicationpra
x ray generatorxrg
micro modulesmmc
rack mount
x ray generator
micro modules
Contact Us
Company: Wisman High Voltage Power supplies Corporation
Contact: Ms. liucong Sales Manager
Address: Technology Road 65,High-tech District
Postcode: 710075
Tel: 86-18161945231
Fax: 029-33693482
Homepage: http://www.wismanhv.com/Information/singlePageEn/2103

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Tel : 86-18161945231 Fax : 029-33693482
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