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Product Name: Micro-modules
Supply Ability: 10000
Specifications Micro-modules
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading:
Minimum Order
Unit Price:
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The MM serise ie a regulated, versatile,modular high voltage power supply used in a wide variety of applications including MAss spectrometry and Electron Microcopes.From the OEM to the laboratory,they are an excellent choice when you require a highiy stable output.Output can be controlled using either an external control voltage or external variable resistor.With a diverse range of models up to 2KV/1W,you will find something for nearly every requirement.
Input Voltage :
Input Current:
with no load:5mA
with full load:50mA
Variable Output Voltage Range:
Output power:0.1W.
Line Regulation :0.01%
Load Regulation :0.01%
Stability: 0.01%/hour 0.03%/8hour.
Ripple / Noise (p-p):
5mV(maximum voltage and maximum current)
Output Voltage Control:
By external controlling voltage (0 V to +5 V)
Controlling Voltage Input Impedance:5K
Reference Voltage Output:
+5.0 (with 50 k external potentiometer)
Output Voltage Rise Time : 50ms(0-99%)
Temperature Coefficient: 10ppm/℃
Protective Functions:
Units protected against reversed power input, reversed / essivecontrollingvoltage input, continuous overloading / short circuit in output
Temperature Range:
Operating: -40℃ to 50℃ case temperature
Storage: -55℃ to 85℃, non operational
10% to 90%,

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