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X-ray GeneratorXRG

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Product Name: X-ray GeneratorXRG
Supply Ability: 10000
Specifications X-ray Generator
Price Term: FOB
Port of loading:
Minimum Order
Unit Price:
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Wismans XRG Series of X-ray generators are well regulated high voltage power supplies with output voltages to 130kV and very low ripple achieved through the use of advanced resonant conversion techniques. Extremely stable
voltage and emission current outputs result in significant performance improvements over previously available technology. The XRG Series provides all the power, control and support functions required for X-ray applications
including a regulated dc filament supply. These units incorporate local and remote programming, monitoring, safety interlock, short-circuit and overload protection.

Plating Measurement
Mineral Analysis
X-ray Fluorescence
AX: Arc Trip
SS(x): Non-Standard Slow Start
L(x): Extra Length HV Cable
Input Voltage:
115Vac10%, 50-60Hz single phase or
220Vac10%, 50-60Hz single phase.
Voltage and Current Control:
Local:continuously adjustable from zero to maximum
rating via a ten-turn potentiometer with a lockable
counting dial.
Remote: 0 to +10Vdc proportional from 0 to full output.
Accuracy: 1%. Input Impedance: 10Mohm.
Specify at time of order:
FH: 9A, 3V.
FL: 3A, 3V.
Preheat level is 0.45 amps in standby
Voltage Regulation:
Load: 0.005% of full output voltage no load to full load.
LIne: 0.005% for input voltage range change.
Current Regulation:
Load: 0.05% of full current 100A from 0 to full voltage.
Line: 0.05% of rated current over specified input range.
0.03% rms below 1kHz.
0.75% rms above 1kHz.
Temperature Coefficient:
0.01%/8 hrs after 1/2 hour warm-up.
0.02% per 8 hours (typical).
Free air convection.
Digital voltage and current meters (3.5 digits),
1% accuracy.
HV Output Cable:
10 (3.3m) of shielded HV cable removable at rear.
I/O Connectors:
25 pin D-type for control interface with mating connector
30 to 60kV:
3.5H x 19W x 19D (8.9cm x 48.3

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